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  • Chapin Henry

Why Claimzen is the Only Case Management Software You Need

There is no shortage of case management software, but they are not all created equal. Claimzen is a case management software made by a personal injury lawyer (with the help of his techie friends) for personal injury lawyers. Therefore, it anticipates the information that you need and quickly aggregates it for your use. Here are some of the top benefits of using Claimzen’s case management software.

Thorough Intake Process

Claimzen promises that setting up a new case will take a lawyer (or his or her paralegal or secretary) a mere 15 minutes. Your client should take less than an hour to add information. Your client is led through a customized questionnaire that is targeted to get the most important information necessary to process a personal injury claim. Your clients can access our helpful hints and tips that explain what different terms mean and why we are asking for the requested information. Additionally, you are made aware of any potential problems with the claim or your prospective client, such as a criminal history, a problematic claims history, pre-existing injury or other issue. This allows you to determine whether to take on a case or avoid it from the beginning so you can minimize your risk.

Near Immediate Access to Records

Once you input a case, our system immediately gets to work on your case. We gather the accident report, claims history and other important information. We also offer you a partnership with ChartSquad that charges a flat fee for an unlimited number of medical records that you receive in a fraction of the time of manually requesting this information. This gives you the information you need faster so that you can process claims more quickly, positively affecting your bottom line.

Information You Need at Your Fingertips

As information is collected about your case, it is digitally uploaded so you have access to it wherever you are located. Quickly access this information and use it when negotiating with an insurance adjuster, preparing a demand letter or talking to your client.

Customized Demand Packages

Our case management system goes further than the traditional systems that were produced for general practice lawyers. Information regarding your claim is seamlessly integrated to your demand letter. The documents that you need to reference are automatically populated so you can send out a demand package that is well-founded.

Discovery Preparation Assistance

Our case management system also assists you with the discovery process. You can copy and paste relevant information to answer discovery responses. Additionally, your client will have access to an innovative app that takes the place of a pain journal. He or she can simply update information on a daily basis so that you can easily answer questions and lay a foundation for damages.


We know you have many options for your case management system, but we encourage you to try ours. We can provide you with a free demo to showcase all of the benefits of our system.

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