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  • Chapin Henry

Why Are You STILL Wasting Your Time and Money by Manually Handling Your Personal Injury Cases?

Many personal injury lawyers are married to their process. They figure it has worked for so long, so why change what is not messed up? However, with the advance of technology, there are far superior methods to handle your personal injury cases than handling your personal injury cases yourself. Here are some of the major drawbacks of your manual process.

Slow Intake Process

Your current intake process may involve hours of time where your paralegal interviews your client. Then, you may spend another hour or more of your own time meeting with the client, and all of this time is spent before you have even decided whether to take on the client.

Claimzen drastically cuts down on the intake process. You only need to expend 15 minutes of your own case. Your client spends less than an hour to answer a series of questions that have been developed by a personal injury lawyer. Meanwhile, you can deduct due diligence at this early stage to determine whether or not you want to take on the case.

Wasted Time

It is possible that your current work process is inefficient, which affects how many cases you can maintain at any given time and your profitability.

Claimzen eliminates time wasters. We automatically generate requests for records, so you do not have to waste time sending out manual requests. Our partnership with ChartSquad allows you to obtain medical records in a fraction of the time.

Our system automatically integrates information obtained through these records into a customized demand package, so you do not have to review hundreds of documents in order to get the compelling information.

More Paper

Personal Injury cases are often document intensive. You may receive thousands of pages of medical records, as well as various responses to record requests, photographs, accident reports, and other relevant documents.

Claimzen minimizes the number of paper documents you need to handle. We upload digital documents to your customer-friendly dashboard and organize them so you can quickly access the information you need.

Unexpected Surprises

One of the pitfalls of being a person injury lawyer is the possibility of unexpected surprises. You may take on a case only to discover that it is a bad claim after you have already invested your time and money in it. A pre-existing injury may reduce the value of a claim.

Claimzen reduces the likelihood of these surprises. You can use our due diligence service to uncover unfavorable information about your potential client so you can reject the case or move forward with it with full disclosure. You will also gain access to information faster with Claimzen.

If you would like to work your personal injury cases faster, increase your caseload, and improve your efficiency contact Claimzen to schedule a free demo.

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