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The Top 5 Ways Claimzen Saves You Time and Money

Claimzen’s innovative platform allows you to save time and money by performing important tasks in an automated fashion. Claimzen users find that the platform quickly pays for itself. The top five ways Claimzen saves you time and money are discussed below.

Complete Due Diligence on Your Lead

Personal injury attorneys must be careful about the cases that they accept. Accepting a case and then later learning that the client is a serial claimant or has other problems in their background can derail a case. An attorney may have invested considerable time and resources into a case at this point only to determine that the claim is not viable or valuable.

Claimzen completes the due diligence process in a fraction of the time. The seven-point due diligence process allows you to thoroughly vet clients so that you are aware of the potential risks upfront before you invest your valuable time or money into the case. Additionally, the system asks targeted questions that your client completes, so you are made aware of any potential problems early in the process.

Get Information You Need Faster

Claimzen uses automated processes to request and obtain the information you need faster, such as the following:

· Accident report

· Employment records

· Medical records

· Driving record

· Criminal history

· Claims history

By speeding up the process and obtaining these important documents on your behalf, Claimzen lets you process your claims more quickly. This will allow you to take on more clients since you can complete the claim from beginning to end in a fraction of the time.

Pay a Flat Rate for Medical Records

One of the most tedious aspects of processing a personal injury claim is having to send out multiple requests for medical records to various organizations. Through our partnership with ChartSquad, we reduce the time and cost involved in this process. Our integration with ChartSquad allows you to request treatment, billing or radiology records from any healthcare provider in the United States. You are charged a flat fee per request, regardless of the number of pages and can expect the medical records in about two to three weeks.

Accurately Assess Damages

The Claimzen program integrates important information about the claim so that you are certain to include every element of the damages. The information is aggregated into a customized demand package, that you can easily update to meet your needs. Your demand letter incorporates this information in a thorough manner, showing the insurance company that you are aware of the full value of the claim and can support it through documentation. This helps you to maximize the value of your claim and convince the insurance company to provide a fair settlement.

Simplify the Discovery Process

If the insurance provider fails to make a fair settlement offer, the information that you have collected through the Claimzen process can easily be used as part of the discovery process. You can simply copy and paste answers for discovery questions, saving you money by not having to outsource this work to your paralegal.

These are just a few ways that Claimzen can help you increase the profitability of your firm and save valuable time. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Claimzen.

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