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  • Chapin Henry

The Only Back-Office Support Partner You Will Ever Need

Claimzen is much more than a simple case management system. Instead, it harnesses the latest technology while being customized to support the needs of personal injury attorneys. Claimzen will increase your capacity, streamline your operations, and set your firm on a path to peak efficiency and profitability. Here is how we deliver such impressive results.

Increase Your Capacity

As a personal injury attorney, you want to be able to help as many clients as possible, but you also understand you have limited time and resources. Claimzen allows you to increase your capacity by taking on additional cases without sacrificing the quality of your representation. This is because we help your firm become more efficient by:

· Completing the intake process

· Generating and mailing letters of representation

· Sending out automated request for information

· Acquiring collision reports

· Generating PIP applications, Medicare reporting, and IRS W9 forms

· Acquiring employee and payroll records

· Acquiring tax transcripts and Social Security wage reports

Streamline Operations

Claimzen creates a streamlined process to help you further increase your productivity. Our mission is to give you the information and assistance you need when you need it most. We can perform due diligence on your client and all adverse parties and acquire your client’s driving records and insurance claims history reports so that you can make an informed decision regarding representation early in the process. During the intake process, we interview your client regarding their background, the collision, their injuries, and the treatment they receive to help you better manage your claim.

We also offer you the option to use our partner’s service to acquire medical records at a flat fee. These automated processes make it easier for you to train staff and create a clear workflow for them.

Set Your Firm on a Path to Peak Efficiency and Profitability

Through the various features provided by Claimzen, you can set your personal injury firm on a path to peak efficiency and profitability. We help automate your process so that your time is spared to sign on new clients and handle higher-level legal tasks. Meanwhile, your clients’ claims are being bolstered by the responses you receive from our requests. All the information you need is at your fingertips and stored securely for you, so you can get rid of cumbersome paper files.

We also prepare draft demand letters for you, which integrate information that we acquire on your behalf. Documents that support the claims in your demand package are also generated.

With no set-up requirements, integration or customization with your existing case management system, and the ability to expense our fee to your client, Claimzen is the only back=office support partner that you will ever need. We are so sure of this that we provide your first case for free because we believe that once you see our system at work, you will never want to go back to the old way of handling claims. Call us today for a free demonstration and to get started with your first case.

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