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  • Chapin Henry

Surprising Benefits of Personal Injury Software

By this point, you probably expect that Claimzen or other case management software can help you increase efficiency, improve your organization, and allow you to capably handle more cases at one time. However, there are other benefits of this product and how it can help your personal injury firm that may surprise you, including:

1. Improved Training Methods

When you use a personal injury software product like Claimzen, you can set up automated processes that are modeled after best practices. This can help you better train paralegals, legal secretaries, or new associates. They can follow the case in real time and see the work that is completed on the case, such as completing an initial evaluation of a claim, completing a due diligence report, and requesting medical records.

With an intuitive software product like Claimzen that was created with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, new hires are better able to pick up on things.

2. Reduced Malpractice Claims

Approximately 40% of legal malpractice cases are based on some type of disorganization or other administrative error, such as a calendaring mistake. Case management software allows attorneys to keep track of filing deadlines and other important dates to avoid these types of issues, ultimately helping you to reduce the number of potential malpractice claims that may be filed against them.

Your case management software may also help you prevent other errors that may create problems with clients, such as losing records, your notes, or other evidence in the case. With case management software, you can pull up the information you need and maintain an organized client record all online. Claimzen offers a number of forms that can mailed or emailed to clients or service providers automatically, so you can also save time and avoid missing deadlines in this manner.

Some legal malpractice insurance companies offer a discount to law firms that have this type of technology because they know they are less likely to have to pay on a claim.

3. Better Customer Service

Claimzen also helps you to keep better track of your cases. All staff members can access the information they need to respond to client questions and requests without having to have control over the physical record. You can access this information wherever you are with just a few clicks of the buttons. You can also set up reminders to communicate with your clients and keep in touch with your clients with our easy-to-use app where your clients can provide updates on their case or make entries for their pain journal.

4. Stronger Cybersecurity

Many personal injury attorneys can go completely paperless when they have the Claimzen solution. You no longer have to secure papers and instead rely on the stronger cybersecurity measures made possible through cloud storage. Claimzen is a secure case management software program that is designed specifically for personal injury attorneys by personal injury attorneys.

5. Learn More

Learn more about the robust features of Claimzen and how they can help you to more efficiently handle your cases.

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