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  • Chapin Henry

Making Your Personal Injury Claims Contactless with the Help of Claimzen

With COVID-19 continuing to spread across the nation, we are all doing our best to get used to the new normal. Personal injury lawyer who are doing things a certain way may find themselves uncomfortable with the changes. Instead of dropping off or mailing a paper filing for your case and meeting with your clients in person across from a conference table, you may now be conducting much of your work electronically. Courts have responded to the crisis by being a little more flexible, allowing for electronic filings, and accepting electronic notarizations in some states. Claimzen can help you keep your cases contactless for the time being in the following ways.

Conducting the Initial Intake

At Claimzen, we try to make the process of managing a personal injury claim easier than ever before. We can handle your initial client intake that can be set up with a virtual appointment. Our experienced staff can walk clients through a 60-minute questionnaire that gets you the most important information you need to make a decision about whether or not to represent them. This process is conducted online or over the phone, so you do not have to worry about social distancing or other COVID-19 related issues.

Electronic Signatures

Once you decide to take on the client, the Claimzen system allows you to send your clients important documents that they can print and scan or electronically sign and send back to you. Again, no need for an in-person meeting.

Automatic Document Requests

Once you decide to take on a case, the Claimzen system gets to work immediately. We send out a series of requests to various entities to retrieve the relevant information you need as quickly as possible. You do not have to worry about manually preparing and handling these forms. All the work is completed for you.

Digital Dashboard

Once we receive the documents back from our requests, they are uploaded to your digital dashboard. You do not have to handle paper files. Instead, you can simply go to your dashboard and look for the accident report, medical record, or other piece of evidence that you need anywhere you have an internet connection. This process saves you time, too, since the documents are searchable by keyword.

Ongoing Assistance to Clients Through Technology

Your clients continue to be involved throughout the process and are given access to a user-friendly app where they can make entries in a pain journal or make updates in their case. This allows you to be connected with your client and learn about changes in their status without having regular in-person meetings with them.

Customized Demand Packages

Many of our clients are able to settle their cases without having any involvement with the court with our customized demand packages. As we receive information about your claim, the demand package auto-populates with the information and documents to support it, so you can simply review it, add any more information you want, and submit it to the insurance company to wait on your settlement offer.

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