• Chapin Henry

Making Up for a Reduction in Staff with Personal Injury Software

If the COVID-19 crisis has caused your firm to downsize because of less incoming revenue, worker fears about becoming infected, or delayed claims processing, personal injury software can help compensate for this loss of staff. Claimzen’s automated processes and robust offerings can help take the place of tasks that are usually reserved for support staff, such as:

1. Intake

Claimzen features an innovative intake process that helps your clients walk through the most important aspects of their claim. Modeled after tax software that offers helpful explanations and examples, your potential clients are guided through an intake process that they can complete in under one hour. Or, we can complete the intake process for you with our own staff. This frees up your time or that of your support staff. This process is also targeted to give you the most important information about your potential client upfront so that if you discover problems like an extensive claims history or a criminal background, you can decline the case before investing any considerable resources in it.

2. Requests for Information

Our system is also set up to automatically send out requests for information about your potential client, the accident, and the adverse party. You do not have to assign your support staff with the tedious task of preparing letters to get important information about these subjects. Our requests for information are automatically disbursed once you sign your client up on our platform.

3. Due Diligence Reports

We can also provide you with a detailed report on your client’s background if you use our due diligence resources. This saves you time and can highlight any potential issues. It can also help you learn about the adverse party and give you information you can use to leverage a better outcome for your client.

4. Compilation of Records

We also provide you with the ability to request medical records for a flat fee, regardless of how many records are provided through our partnership with ChartSquad. This information and other documents you receive in your case are stored on a secure dashboard that you can access anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Gone are the days of painstakingly creating paper files.

5. Customized Demand Packages

Once we receive information in response to our requests, this information is automatically integrated into the system. Your demand letter is autofilled with information about your client, the adverse party, the accident, and your client’s damages. We also include the names of the documents that you can print or send to accompany your demand package that substantiates this information.

6. Discovery Assistance

If you proceed toward trial, you can use the information we obtain on your behalf to assist you with responding to discovery requests. You can simply copy and paste relevant information and save hours of time off this tedious task.

Whether you had to reduce staff to cut overhead or in response to a pandemic, we offer a product and service that is targeted to helping you manage your caseload faster and more efficiently than ever before.