• Chapin Henry

How You Can Slash Your Settlement Time

In no other occupation is the phrase “time is money” more accurate than in personal injury law. As a personal injury lawyer, speeding up your settlement time means your client gets paid faster – and so do you. More importantly, the faster you can finish one case, the faster you can move onto the next one and help other accident victims. Claimzen is your partner in processing personal injury claims as efficiently as possible. Here are just a few ways our software helps you slash your settlement time.

Get the Information You Need Upfront

Claimzen streamlines the personal injury claims process by collecting important information from you and your client. You take just a few minutes to open the case and then your client is walked through a series of targeted questions that give you the information you need to follow up on the claim, including information regarding:

  • The location of the accident

  • The circumstances surrounding the accident

  • Where the victim received medical treatment

  • Employment information

  • Claims history

  • Information about damages

  • And much more!

The Claimzen process automates the gathering of this information, requests it from the appropriate agencies and delivers it back to you in a fraction of the time to make manual requests for information. This also frees up your support staff for more important and higher-level tasks.

Don’t Waste Time on Problem Clients

Another way that Claimzen helps you save time is by providing the option to complete due diligence on your potential client for you. Nothing is worse than investing your time and resources into a dud of a case, only to learn about this late in the game. By completing the due diligence process early, you can learn about potential problems and assess this risk when deciding whether to take on the case or not.

Keep Track of Key Information

Claimzen compiles important information about your case in an easy-to-use and understand platform. You can scan in relevant documents to different electronic folders so that your case is always organized and you can easily access the information you need. Additionally, Claimzen is available as an app for your clients and allows them to update information in a timely manner. Rather than trying to keep a long pain journal, your clients can easily input this information on a weekly or daily basis per your instructions.

Prepare a Demand Package in Much Less Time

In addition to getting you the information that you need in a fraction of the time, the Claimzen system is also able to take key information from your case and import that data into a demand letter.

Shortcut Interrogatory Responses

If your case progresses to the discovery stage, Claimzen has you covered. Data collected from your client is automatically summarized and compiled into simple, factual paragraphs that can be used in your documents or to answer interrogatories. You can also use the information that you have received to narrow down requests for admissions and other discovery requests to the insurance company or defendant.

If you would like to explore more ways that Claimzen can streamline your process, contact us today.