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How You Can Effortlessly Increase Your Case Load by 50%

As a personal injury lawyer, you strive to strike the perfect balance of having enough cases to support your firm while not overwhelming your business. However, this balance can be difficult to maintain because you may not know how complicated or time-consuming a case can become until you have already taken significant steps in your legal representation. The key to increase your case load without having to increase your work load is to automate your processes and delegate non-core tasks so that your time, attention and energy are devoted to higher-level tasks.

Claimzen’s innovative platform automates a variety of the tedious and time-consuming processes involved in advancing a personal injury claim. This automation allows personal injury lawyers to settle cases four to six months faster on average than it would take the old-fashioned way. By cutting the time it takes you to process a case, you can easily double your case load. Some of our time-saving measures include:

· Immediate due diligence reports – You can get a report on your client and the at-fault party to determine the risk factors, strengths and weaknesses involved in the case at the very beginning, allowing you to avoid cases that carry more risk.

· Thorough intake process – Clients take about an hour to walk through an easy-to-understand questionnaire. We use a set of questions developed by a team of lawyers that are designed to identify the material issues and facts involved in the case. You do not have to spend hours of time going through questions or trying to adjust to information that was revealed too late in the process.

· Fast document retrieval – Through Claimzen and our partners, you can gain quick access to important information, including employment, disability, claim, criminal and medical records.

· Discovery shortcuts – Our process can often avoid the formal discovery process by getting your client to sign an authorization form for you to act on their behalf and request information necessary in the case. If the case proceeds toward trial, you can simply copy and paste your client’s answers from the intake questionnaire and other details such as their pain journal to quickly respond to questions.

· Customized demand package preparation – Our system is integrated so that the information we retrieve on your behalf and your client’s answers can be used to create a customized and substantiated demand package.

These methods allow you to process a case much faster than you would ordinarily be able to. Additionally, because you delegate these processes to Claimzen and our partners, you and your legal staff can focus on higher-level legal activities, which further allows you to maximize your time. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Claimzen is currently offering you the chance to use our product on your first case for free because we are confident that once you see this innovative tool in action, you will want to use it for your future cases. To learn more,

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