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How to Maximize Your Time on Personal Injury Cases

With personal injury cases, the faster you can work the case, the faster you can receive an appropriate settlement offer and payment for your services. Claimzen is your partner in this goal and can help you maximize your time so that you have all of the information you need quickly and can devote your time to the actual legal aspect of the case, instead of the tedious mechanics of it. Some of the ways that we can help you maximize your time on personal injury cases include:

Streamlined Client Intake Process

Our efficient client intake process is comprised of a comprehensive digital client questionnaire. Your clients answer important information at the beginning of the case so that you can quickly have all of the information that you need at your fingertips, as well as any potential information that may minimize the value of the claim. Our graphic interface and helpful suggestions walk your clients through this process so that they are guided to providing you with concrete and accurate information. Having your client complete this task early in the case allows you engage with them in an innovative way while also delegating the time-consuming intake process to Claimzen.

Access to Due Diligence Reports

Claimzen gives you access to a seven-point due diligence report on all parties to the accident, including your own client. This report can allow you to accurately assess the potential risk factors involved in taking a case before you expend your time and resources on a case.

Fast Document Retrieval

At Claimzen, we understand that personal injury cases are document intensive. Having the documents you need quickly and in an organized fashion is critical to the success of your business. Developed in part by a personal injury attorney, our system is set up to automate as many processes as possible so that you can identify and retrieve the information you need promptly. We can quickly identify and gather documents, including accident reports, employment records, claim history reports, eyewitness statements and more. We then scan and save these documents for you so that you can easily access the information that you need. Through our partnership with ChartSquad, you can get the medical records you need in a fraction of the time and cost than performing this task manually. Our best practices and secure database ensure you are protected at all steps of the claims process.

Preparation of a Customized Demand Package

Once we have gathered all of the necessary information, our system integrates it into your demand letter. Your customized demand package incorporates factual information and a clear summary of damages. You can also easily generate the documents you need to substantiate these claims to support your demand figure.

These advances allow you to minimize the amount of time it takes to get important information, assess it and prepare your demand package, which culminate in you being able to settle cases in significantly less time. Attorneys who have tried our innovative product and services estimate that they can reduce the time it takes to process their case by four to six months.

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