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  • Chapin Henry

How to Avoid Nasty Surprises with Your Personal Injury Claims

As a personal injury lawyer, you know it is important to vet your clients. However, many an experienced personal injury lawyer suddenly learns that the insurance company knows more about their client than they do. But you can avoid these nasty surprises – well before you devote a lot of time, money or resources into a case. Claimzen is your number one weapon in these situations.

Thorough Intake Process

Claimzen has a thorough intake process that was designed with the help of a seasoned personal injury lawyer to determine any potential problems with your claim, such as:

  • Your client has a criminal history

  • Your client has a number of other claims

  • Your client has a pre-existing injury

  • ·Liability may be in dispute

  • Your client did not receive prompt medical attention

Equipped with this information, you can decide whether or not to take on the case and to plan accordingly. So long to those nasty surprises!

Due Diligence Reports

You have an extra layer of protection with Claimzen because we ask the right questions upfront. We also provide a seven-point due diligence report on your client so that you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of our potential case. With a thorough report in your hands, you can assess the potential risk involved in a claim before getting too involved. You can also compare the answers your client gave you during the intake process to the information we confirm during the due diligence process. This allows you to immediately spot any discrepancies and resolve them before they become a problem. Knowing as much as you can about your client as soon as possible is paramount to reducing your risk.

Faster Access to Information

When you use Claimzen, you can immediately launch requests for information, such as accident reports, driver history, criminal records, employment records and others. This provides you with access to information faster than usual.

Because of our partnership with ChartSquad, you can receive medical records much faster than usual. You can get them in a matter of weeks instead of months from multiple providers, regardless of how extensive the documentation is. This allows you to finish your investigation and prepare your demand package even sooner. When the insurance company asks you for information or support, you will have it at your fingertips.

Client Communications

With your client trying to recover from his or her injuries and deal with bills piling up, he or she may forget to follow up with information. However, not having the information you need can be an embarrassing and painful situation. Through our helpful and user-friendly app, clients can easily update information and make notations about their pain and suffering. This gives you access to the most pertinent information right away.

With an affordable option like Claimzen that can help identify and anticipate potential problems, you can avoid nasty surprises with your personal injury claims, more carefully select the cases you want to advance and strategically plan for upcoming issues.

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