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  • Chapin Henry

How Our Personal Injury Software Can Help New Attorneys

If you just received your bar exam results and have made the bold decision to open your own personal injury firm (during a global pandemic, no less!), you do not have to go through this process alone. Even if you are a sole practitioner, there are useful tools that can help you increase productivity, ensure you capture all of the important information about your claim, and prepare you for resolving your claim in a favorable manner. Claimzen is the perfect tool for a novice attorney – and even for one that has practiced law for decades. Here is how it works:

1. We Complete a Client Interview

Our team can get to work immediately after a client contacts you for potential representation. The intake process takes about one hour, during which time we gather important information about your client, such as:

· The nature of the accident

· How the accident occurred

· Information about their injuries

· The defendant’s information

· Their claims history

· Potential red flags

This process is designed to get the most important information about potential clients before you agree to represent them and spend your valuable time and resources on their claim.

Once you review this information, you can decide if you want to represent the client (or you can dig a little deeper with our optional due diligence report). If you decide to move forward, you can use our system to obtain electronic signatures on important documents, including your retainer agreement.

2. Automated Requests Are Sent Out

Once your client signs on, we send out automated requests to get all of the important facts surrounding the accident and the parties, including the accident report and employment records. You can also take advantage of our partnership with ChartSquad to get access to medical records faster, at a flat fee.

3. We Organize Responses

You do not have to deal with paper files and missing reports. Instead, you can easily locate them on your dashboard. It is easier than ever to find the information you need since the content is searchable by a keyword.

4. Your Client Is Kept in the Loop

During the entire process, your client has access to our user-friendly app to notify you about changes, keep a rolling tally of their damages, and report on their pain and suffering.

5. We Customize Your Demand Package

Once you are ready to start the negotiation, you can work on the demand package. You will see that it is auto-populated with information specific to your client, the accident, and your client’s injuries. Supporting documentation can also be accessed at your fingertips. You can then add any remaining arguments you wish to make and submit the package.

6. You Close the Case

Once you negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company, you can close the case – all with much less time, energy, and money spent through “traditional” lawyering. These are new times with new challenges, but Claimzen is perfectly positioned to help you achieve success during this era.

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