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  • Chapin Henry

How Claimzen Saves You 85 Hours on Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

As a personal injury lawyer in a small- or mid-sized firm, your time is very valuable. At Claimzen, our number one priority is saving you time. We are so convinced that we can help your practice that we advertise that we can save you 85 hours of time on your next motor vehicle accident case. Here’s how:

We Acquire All Your Data Early On

Once you open a new case in Claimzen, an automated process is commenced in which we gather all of the important data and documents for your case. We input all of this valuable information into the Claimzen system.

Your clients complete a detailed questionnaire that is targeted to get the most pivotal information in your claim. This helps you to have the information you need at the beginning of the claim so that you can make an informed decision about taking on representation at the very beginning stages, instead of being surprised later after you have invested your time and resources into the claim.

We Store Your Important Data for You in an Accessible Location

We continue to gather important information about your claim, including evidence that establishes your client’s damages. You can access this information anywhere you have an internet connection, which is safely stored on our cloud-based storage platform. You do not need to keep up with paper files or be limited by them since everything you need is at your fingertips.

Your Demand Package Is Prepared for You

Once you open a case, your demand package begins taking shape, automatically aggregating data into your demand package. As we receive important information about your claim, this information is added to your demand letter, which shows your familiarity and thoroughness regarding the claim. Your demand package also populates the documents that establish the facts in your demand letter. This process allows you to draft demand packages in a fraction of the time and to be ready from the early stages of your claim to negotiate for a fair outcome of your claim. Because you have all of the information you need at the beginning of the case, you can move quickly and decisively through your case.

You Don’t Have to Invest Extra Time and Money to Customize Your Package

You can have access to this great program without having to invest extra time and money to pay for customization. With an affordable $495 expensable price tag, you can get started with Claimzen immediately. You will see that the service pays for itself by the tremendous value you receive from the program, along with the dramatic time savings.


With 85 hours saved for every case, you can concentrate your time and efforts on practicing law and focusing on cases that go to trial or need extra attention. We are happy to walk you through a free demonstration of Claimzen to show you everything the program offers.

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