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  • Chapin Henry

How Claimzen Can Save Time – Even During a Pandemic

With entire governments shut down, many businesses going to limited personnel and courts closed around the country, personal injury lawyers are currently considering major challenges and delays while trying to advance their clients’ cases. Additionally, many courts are not modifying the filing deadlines and other pertinent deadlines, so law firms are strolling to continue their practice and advocacy under less than ideal circumstances. Fortunately, there is a solution that can save you time, even during a pandemic: Claimzen.

What Is Claimzen?

Claimzen is a case management system that was designed by a personal injury lawyer for other personal injury lawyers. It implements best practices honed from years of legal experience. Claimzen is the only case management software that personal injury lawyers need since it provides a thorough intake interview process, a secure document storage portal and automated processes that help save you time.

Key Ways Claimzen Saves You Time

The most important ways that you can save time with Claimzen include:

1. Initial Intake Process

Claimzen incorporates an intake process that can be completed entirely online or through a phone call. This gets all the information you need upfront without requiring you or your staff to contact your client for more information time and time again.

2. Automated Requests for Information

Once your case is opened in the Claimzen program, a series of automated requests are sent out to retrieve the information you need. Even though some departments to whom you are sending requests may be less staffed during this time, your requests will be sent out faster through our process so that there is less lag time involved in your case.

3. Access to Medical Records Faster

Through our partnership with ChartSquad, you can also request medical records. Even with decreased staff in records departments due to the pandemic, these requests can often be fulfilled electronically, so if staff have to work from home, they can still complete your request.

4. Additional Benefits During Times of Pandemic

Using Claimzen offers additional benefits during times of pandemic because it is a no-touch system. You can represent your client from start to finish – without ever having to meet your client in person. New clients can complete the thorough intake process with our representatives’ help or on their own online. If they complete the process on their own, they are guided by our helpful hints and examples so that they provide all the information you need to asses their case. You can send your clients documents that they sign electronically. Once this occurs, a series of automated request for information will be sent out. Responses are stored in your electronic dashboard. Templates for your demand letter are available and are populated with key information gleaned from the document requests. As you can see, you can complete this process from start to finish all over the web or through phone calls. This can help you obtain compensation for your client without putting them or your staff at risk.

If you would like to try out our innovative platform and learn more ways that it is the time-saving solution you need at this time, contact our team for a free demonstration.

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