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  • Chapin Henry

How Claimzen Can Keep You and Your Clients Safe During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the nation, your services as a personal injury lawyer may be in even higher demand. Panic may have led to car crashes and with increased layoffs and unemployment rates, victims may be in greater need of their settlement funds even more. However, social distancing mandates often require you to be six feet or more from other humans, so you may wonder if taking on additional cases is placing you at risk. Fortunately, you can continue to service your client while keeping you and your staff safe with the help of Claimzen. Here’s how:

A Contactless Intake Process

Our proprietary intake process allows you to conduct the entire intake process remotely. Your clients take less than an hour to answer all of the critical information about their claim, or your staff or our team can complete the intake questions online. All of this information is digitized for your review and to access later when you need it.

Automated Document Requests

During the intake process, we also obtain electronic signatures from your clients to begin the claims process. We can have your clients sign your retainer agreement and authorize you to access all pertinent information to their claim. We can then begin the process of obtaining records to help you build the claim, including requesting a copy of the accident report, employment records, income records and other important documents.

You can also take advantage of our partnership with ChartSquad to get documents from your clients’ medical providers. Our clients typically obtain their records in a fraction of the time than they would receive them if they sent requests manually. Our system also ensures that your staff does not have to be in your physical office to get the information you need.

Access to Critical Information through Technology

The information that we obtain is then stored electronically in a protected database. You can look at the records with a touch of your fingertips. Additionally, your clients can continue to update their claim with our user-friendly app. This allows you to track their pain and suffering damages and gives your client a contactless way to update you with information about their claim.

Integrated Information into Demand Letters

As we receive information about your claim, it is automatically integrated into your demand letters. Your demand package also automatically populates the documents that substantiate the claim.

Find Out More

In these ways, you can complete your personal injury claims without having to make any personal contact with your client. At the same time, you can be responsive and settle their claim in record time so that they still feel they have your personal attention.

If you would like to learn more how Claimzen can help you during this unprecedented time, contact us. We can provide a demonstration over the web that shows you our best tools in action. We can also provide you with more information on how to complete personal injury claims 100% remotely.

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