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  • Chapin Henry

Five Simple Steps to Process Your Claim with Claimzen

Thanks to automated services and innovative platforms like Claimzen, the process of filing an insurance claim on behalf of your personal injury clients is better than ever before. With five simple steps, you can take your case from opening to closing. Here is how simple the process is with Claimzen.

1. Create a Case

Once you have Claimzen set up, you simply create a new case in the program. You complete a simple client intake form that contains only the most essential information. Then, you can send your client forms electronically to sign, including your retainer agreement and consent forms.

2. Set Up Client for Interview

Once your client signs the necessary documents, he or she can e-schedule a phone interview. You can tell your client this process will take only about one hour and it is to get the information necessary to get started on their claim. That’s it on your end! The Claimzen representatives conduct the phone interview with your client and gather the essential information. They use an intake form constructed with the help of a personal injury lawyer that is targeted to get all the information you need at the beginning of the claim process so you can determine whether to take on the case and to identify any potential obstacles you may encounter.

3. Order Records

As part of the Claimzen process, automated record requests will go out after the intake process is completed, including requests for the accident report, employment records, financial records, driving records, insurance records, and more. You can see a complete list of the documents we can gather on your behalf on

You can also take advantage of our partnership with ChartSquad to request medical records that are pertinent to your case. This option is available for a flat fee, regardless of how many documents you receive. This allows you to receive the records faster than usual, and often at a deep discount.

4. Review Documents

Once you receive all of the documents related to the claim, you can then review them online or offline. You can access them from your dashboard wherever you have a mobile connection. In addition to the paper records and electronic records you receive on behalf of our automated processes, you can also review the information your client has kept track of in the Claimzen app they download. The app keeps track of your client’s changes and updates, as well as entries in their pain journal.

5. Draft Demand Letter

In record time, you will now be ready to draft a demand letter. However, you don’t have to start from scratch. Claimzen provides a template for you that includes a form demand. However, we go one step further by auto populating key information in the demand letter so that it is customized to your client. Additionally, supporting documents can be generated to create a complete demand package.

So, there you have it. Claimzen can help you close your case in five easy steps – allowing you to help more clients and increase the profitability of your firm without increasing the overhead.

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