• Chapin Henry

Complete Checklist of Documents You Can Obtain with Claimzen

Claimzen is a data acquisition and document retrieval service for personal injury lawyers. With just a few simple steps you can have the following information at your fingertips:

Due Diligence Information

In addition to performing a due diligent report and asset report on the adverse party, our system can quickly gather important information about your potential client and prepare a due diligence report so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to take a case. Some of the information that we can gather on your potential client includes:

  • Current driving record

  • Past driving record

  • Auto claims history

  • Property claims history

  • Employment records

  • Criminal history

  • Aliases

  • Affiliation

  • Damages

Calculate damages faster than ever before with instant access to:

  • Wage earning report

  • Employment records

  • Tax return transcript

  • Medical records

  • Activities

  • Marriage records

  • Information about dependents

Social Media

Get a quick snapshot of your client’s social media so that you can monitor this information and provide timely advice on proper social media use during the pendency of a claim.

Insurance Information

Get prompt information regarding your client’s insurance coverage, including:

  • Auto insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Disability coverage

  • Workers’ compensation

  • Driving History

Learn about potential problems with the claim based on your client’s driving history, such as information regarding their current license, past licenses, past collisions, and infractions.

Police Report

Get all of the information you need from the police report in a timely manner. This report may include the following information about the accident:

  • Location

  • Road and weather conditions

  • Name and contact information for the vehicle owner

  • Unit that responded to the accident

  • Identity of passengers

  • Identity of eyewitnesses

  • The police officer’s narrative about how the accident happened

  • Photographs

  • ​​You may also be able to gather additional information about the circumstances surrounding the claim, including:

  • Whether the at-fault driver is required to wear collective lenses and was wearing them at the time of the accident

  • Whether the at-fault driver tested positive for alcohol or drugs

  • Whether the at-fault driver was cited for a driving infraction

  • Any statements the at-fault driver or witnesses made at the time of the accident

  • Medical Information

Medical Records

You can take advantage of our partnership with ChartSquad and request medical records related to your claim, including information concerning:

  • Your client’s injuries

  • Ambulance records

  • Emergency room records

  • Medical providers

  • Medications

  • Client Diary

Mobile App

Your client update you with information during the claims process with our easy-to-use app. Here, they can keep track of:

  • Medical appointments

  • Income changes

  • Personal expenses

  • Photographs

  • Daily pain and suffering entries into their pain journal

  • Letters and Reports

The Claimzen system also generates letters and reports for you and your client, including:

  • PIP Application

  • IRS W-9

  • Letters of representation

  • Medicare report form

  • Letters of introduction

  • Interview summary

  • Police summary

  • Diary summary

  • Get Started

With over 100 possible documents and pieces of evidence that we can provide through a purely automated process, Claimzen will pay for itself through the amount of time and effort you save with our product. Contact us today to schedule a free demonstration.