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  • Chapin Henry

Claimzen Math: More Time = More Money

There are certain truths in life.

You will have to pay taxes. People will continue to be injured in accidents. The more time you commit to something, the more money it will cost you. Claimzen was developed because its founders understood these basic principles. So, we set out to develop a one-stop shop for personal injury case management with the goal to save you time, which in turn helps to save you money.

The Basic Math Principle

John Doe is an experienced personal injury attorney. He recently took on two motor vehicle accident cases. The first case was pretty straightforward. He gathered some medical records, reviewed the accident scene pictures, contacted the insurance company and secured a $100,000 settlement on behalf of his client. It only took him 10 hours of legal work to accomplish this. With a 33% contingency fee, he grossed a good $33,000, giving him an impressive $3,300 hourly fee.

At the same time, he took on another case that seemed straightforward. He met with his client in the hospital. His client suffered serious injuries and had thousands of medical records. He paid for the records. Liability was disputed in the case, so he had to track down witnesses and video footage to show how the accident happened. He prepared a demand package on behalf of his client. The insurance company responded by showing that the client was a serial claim filer and had a pre-existing condition from one of these claims. Attorney Doe was still able to settle the claim for $100,000, but he spent 100 hours on the case. So even though he still grossed $33,000, his hourly rate was a much lower $330.

How We Save You Time

Based on the example above, Claimzen can save you a significant amount of time. This helps you to spend less time on each case without having to sacrifice the quality or end result. You are also available to take on more cases because you now have more time.

Some of the key ways that Claimzen saves you time include:

1. We send out automated requests for information so you do not have to use your or your staff’s valuable time to do this

2. We assist with the intake process so that potential problems are spotted early on in the process

3. We provide due diligence reports so that you can learn more about a potential client before investing your valuable time and resources

4. We partner with ChartSquad so that you can request as many medical records as you need while paying a flat fee

5. You have access to all the information you need at your fingertips that is available on your dashboard

6. You have the information you need faster, so you can process the claim more quickly

If you would like to learn more about how we can save you time and money, contact us for a free demonstration.

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