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  • Chapin Henry

9 Ways Claimzen Can Save You Time

When our seasoned personal injury lawyer teamed up with a technology team to design Claimzen, we had one goal in mind: make the process of handling personal injury claims more efficient. By decreasing the amount of time that it takes to handle cases and speeding up the personal injury claim process, you can take on more clients and be more profitable. Here are nine essential ways that Claimzen can help you save time:

1. Tap into Due Diligence Reports

Through Claimzen, you can request due diligence reports on your client before you fully commit to taking the case. This can allow you to learn about any potential pitfalls at the very beginning of the process rather than after you have invested considerable time and resources into the process by the time you receive pertinent information during discovery. This way, you can avoid loser cases from the very beginning and devote your time to stronger cases.

2. Delegate the Intake Process

Our system allows you to pass the intake process onto someone else so that you do not have to waste your own time gathering basic information. Your client can easily go through this process in about an hour and receive guidance throughout the process by helpful hints provided by a lawyer.

3. Receive Medical Records in a Fraction of the Time

We offer a partnership with ChartSquad that allows you to receive medical records with a simple press of the button. You do not need to worry about sending out multiple medical records requests and preparing different forms for this purpose. You can make a single request and receive the documents you requested usually within two to three weeks.

4. Automate Requests for Information

Claimzen further saves you time through a number of automated processes that give personal injury lawyers the information they need almost instantly. You and your support staff are free to work on higher-level work while we complete the tedious administrative tasks for you.

5. Organize Key Documents

Once we receive the documents we have requested on your behalf, we organize this information on your dashboard so that you can quickly access the information you need without having to fumble through thick paper files.

6. Prepare Customized Settlement Packages

Our system is integrated so that when you receive responses to your information requests, relevant information is automatically referenced in your demand letter, saving you time and allowing you to concentrate your efforts on those aspects of the claim that are truly unique.

7. Prepare for Discovery

Our newly added features allow you to copy and paste information we have collected for you to form complete answers to common discovery requests.

8. Simplify the Pain Journal Process

Rather than having to ask your client for continuous updates on their recovery, your client can use our simple app to make notes during their recovery. You can replicate this information when calculating the value of the pain and suffering aspect of the claim.

9. Keep You Organized for Trial

Although most personal injury cases will settle, Claimzen makes sure that every case is prepared as though it is going to trial. If your case does go to trial, you will have a streamlined and organized system in place to assist you with this next stage of your case.

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