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5 Ways Claimzen Simplifies the Auto Injury Claims Process

Claimzen is an automated data acquisition and document retrieval service that was built specifically for personal injury attorneys. It streamlines case management to simplify and expedite the claims process. Some of the major ways Claimzen achieves these objectives are discussed below.

1. Identify Sources of Information

The Claimzen model asks a number of questions to clients to target potential information that may impact a case, including the following:

  • Previous claims history

  • Driving history

  • Pre-existing injuries

  • Identity of witnesses

  • Location of the accident

This information is then compiled in an easy-to-view format that the attorney and staff can access with a click of the button.

2. Automate Information Requests

Claimzen automates and facilitates the most time-consuming and central aspects of your case. We quickly gather all of the information that you need to get the claims process going, including the accident report, due diligence reports, employment information, and claims history. The system then generates key information requests so that you can receive the data you need as quickly as possible. This information is stored in your portal for you to view at any time.

The automation process frees up the time that you and your staff would use to create these requests so that you can focus on higher-level tasks. You can also opt to request medical records through our partner, ChartSquad, which charges a flat fee for medical records requests. The time-consuming and tedious task of having to send out individual medical records requests is now obsolete once you utilize Claimzen’s more efficient process.

3. Anticipate Surprises

Nothing can derail a personal injury case faster than a surprise. For many years, insurance companies had the upper hand because they were able to unearth previous claims that plaintiffs made and had forgotten to share with their lawyer. Claimzen levels the playing field and allows you to have equal access to this pivotal information. You can also order due diligence reports on clients and other parties involved. Clients can also track their damages and update information through Claimzen’s easy-to-use app so that you always have the most up-to-date information.

4. Create a Comprehensive Electronic File

Claimzen was designed for busy attorneys and their support staff to easily use it. You don’t need a computer background or have to undergo extensive training to learn how to use the system. It is very intuitive and provides the information that you need most at your fingertips. Many documents are automatically scanned into your electronic case file, allowing you to quickly find what you need without having to keep massive paper files. You also have the option of delegating tasks to your paralegal to scan in additional documents to further bolster your comprehensive electronic file.

5. Get the Job Done Faster

The goal of Claimzen is to allow you to process your claims faster so that you can take on more cases and increase your profitability. Claimzen delivers on this goal. Important information about your client and the claim is collected and aggregated much faster and more thoroughly than through traditional methods. Medical records requests can now be turned over in weeks instead of months.

Using automated processes and new technology, Claimzen can prepare a customized demand package in a fraction of the time it takes personal injury lawyers who do all tasks manually. The automated processes allow you to identify and cite the most important information so that you can create effective and substantiated demands.

Check out some of the other impressive benefits Claimzen has to offer.


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