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  • Chapin Henry

5 Ways Claimzen Is Optimized for PI Attorneys

Claimzen is a case management system that is designed specifically for personal injury attorneys. This software program is uniquely qualified to assist you with your personal injury case load. Some of the most important ways that Claimzen is optimized for personal injury lawyers are:

1. It Provides a Thorough Intake Process

Personal injury law is definitely an area of the law where you need to have the most important information about your case during the early stages. Because you take on the risk of working for no pay if the case is not successfully resolved, you do not want to waste your time and resources on a case that is unlikely to be successful. Our intake process is designed to gather the most relevant information possible so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to accept a case. You can also take advantage of our due diligence reports for further investigation and authentication.

2. It Organizes Your Case Files

One of the most important benefits of Claimzen is that it allows you to organize your cases on a digital platform. You can organize your cases similarly to how you organize your physical files – but get the many benefits of having digital access to them, including being able to review your files from any location and searching your files for important keywords. You can access all the information you need from your Claimzen dashboard, which allows you and your staff to review your files more efficiently.

3. It Frees Up Your Digital and Physical Space

Claimzen allows you to eliminate the need for physical files, allowing you to minimize the amount of physical storage and office space that you need to serve your clients’ needs. It also saves your information on the cloud with the highest security protocol available, further allowing you to secure your clients’ online information.

4. It Tracks Your Clients’ Medical Treatment

Through our partnership with ChartSquad, you can request your clients’ medical records and are charged a flat fee, regardless of how many medical documents you receive. This allows you to track the medical information relevant to your clients’ case. You can generate provider letters and upload medical records to your clients’ file.

5. It Prepares Customized Demands

Claimzen is a personal injury software program that integrates the information it receives. Once you start a new case, immediate requests for information are sent out on your claim. Once you receive responses, the information you receive is automatically integrated into a demand letter. You can now have all of the specific facts of the case that differentiate it from others automatically populated in your demand letter, allowing you time to make the legal arguments geared toward maximizing the settlement value of the claim.

Our system can also store the correspondence you have with the insurance company and other parties to better track damages and other critical information in your case.

Claimzen is optimized for personal injury law firms from the initial intake to settlement. Contact us to learn more.

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