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  • Chapin Henry

5 Ways Claimzen Is Optimized for Personal Injury Firms

Claimzen is an innovative case management software program that was developed by personal injury lawyers for personal injury lawyers. Therefore, every fabric of its framework was built to be used by personal injury lawyers. Five key ways that Claimzen is optimized for personal injury firms are:

1. Automatic Document Generation

Claimzen gets to work immediately on your case. It collects important information from you and your client about the claim and then automatically generates a number of key documents to start the claim process, including requests for the accident report and other documents that can help establish liability and damages. Your documents are pre-populated with the key information and are sent out without the need for you to oversee the process.

2. Organization of Documents

Claimzen organizes your case documents in a similar way to how you would organize your paper files. The information is organized in a logical fashion, and you have everything you need from one place: your dashboard. This includes information about your client, other contact information and details regarding the accident. You can easily access the information you need about your client or the claim. Information is available at your fingertips. From intake to settlement and all the stages in between, Claimzen is a comprehensive solution that helps your firm grow without having to increase your overhead. You and your staff can quickly identify the information you need, so you and your team can more efficiently serve your clients.

3. Secure Storage of All Case Documents

Once we receive documents back from your requests, this information is safely secured on the cloud. You can easily and safely access this information from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

4. Tracking of Medical Treatment

Your client’s medical information is one of the most important pieces of evidence in personal injury cases. As you know, a typical personal injury claim may consist of thousands of medical documents, including:

  • Ambulance records

  • Emergency records

  • Doctor notes

  • Surgery notes, photographs or videos

  • Follow-up records

  • Filled prescriptions

  • Imaging results from x-rays, MRIs and CT scans

  • Injury checklists

  • Medical liens

  • Billing records

Claimzen’s partnership with ChartSquad allows you to effectively manage information about your client’s treatment and store documents in an organized fashion. You can also use these records to easily electronically isolate key information when preparing your demand package.

5. Personalized Demand Package

Claimzen also assists you by streamlining the demand process. Important details about your claim are pre-populated into your demand request, providing specific details that support your demand. Additionally, key documents are linked to your demand letter so that you can easily print off these documents and attach them to your demand letter in order to substantiate your demand.


Our personal injury case management system can help you win more cases by streamlining the process, getting you important information more quickly and customizing your demand package. We also help keep you organized and give you the flexibility to access your records wherever you are. Contact us today to schedule a free demonstration.

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