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3 Secrets Every New Personal Injury Lawyer Should Know

So, you’ve made the decision to fight for the little guy and protect the rights of people

injured by the negligence of others. If you have just put out your own shingle or started as an associate with a plaintiff’s personal injury firm, here are three things you need to know now.

Bad Cases Cost You

As a personal injury attorney, you take on an enormous amount of risk when you take a case. You may devote hundreds of hours of your own time and pay associated costs such as an expert witness, accident reconstruction, discovery costs and others. Sometimes, you might get in the middle of the case before you realize that it is a bad one. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have any recourse. The court might not let you withdraw from the case. A bad case like this can potentially bankrupt a personal injury firm.

To avoid this type of situation, personal injury attorneys must complete due diligence on their potential client. In addition to carefully analyzing the circumstances involved in the case, they must also consider the claims history and other background information on the potential client before agreeing to accept the case. Claimzen can provide you with an effective method to complete due diligence on your potential clients. This step helps safeguard your interests to help you avoid undertaking a bad case.

Personal Injury Cases Involve Thousands of Documents

When you are first getting started with personal injury cases, you may be surprised by the pure mass of documents involved in the case. You might have thousands of documents made up of the following:

· Documents pertaining to the accident, including the police report and eyewitness statements

· Medical records, lab results, x-rays, doctor’s notes and bills

· Employment records pertaining to average pay, lost time due to the accident and the use of benefits

· Property damage reports, including estimates to repair or replace the vehicle

· Journals from the accident victim describing the accident and entries regarding pain and suffering

· Testimonial accounts from other people who know the accident victim

· Documents pertaining to previous claims

It can be difficult to review, store and retain these documents in an organized fashion. You might be responsible for providing copies of some of these documents to the insurance company, so an organizational system is a must. Claimzen can allow you to gather all of the necessary documents that you need to process the claim and scan the necessary documents into organized electronic folders, saving you time, money and frustration.

Insurance Companies Pay Attention

When you send a demand letter to an insurance company, it will pay attention. It will assess if you know what you are doing. As a new personal injury attorney, you might not have a reputation yet against insurance companies and effective results, so your demand package may be the first real time that the insurance company can see what support you will have for the claim if you advance to court. This means that your demand package must be carefully written and personalized. The Claimzen system takes key information that is gleaned from important documents to provide a customized demand letter. It also generates the documents that support the assertions in your package. This provides you with a strong, tailored demand package that shows insurance companies that you have the proof necessary to move forward with the case.

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