Medical Records

Use Case Scenarios

Outsourcing your medical record retrieval will save you time and money.

The following use-case scenarios were written to help you better understand ChartSquad's pricing and service model. If you are hesitant about the cost, consider the following. If you, or your paralegal, perform the same administrative tasks in-house, you do not have the option of expensing your labor cost to your client upon settlement. 

1. Chiropractor
If your client received treatment by a chiropractor and the chiropractor's office can furnish your client's treatment and billing records, your cost would be $48.
2. Hospital
If your client had surgery at a hospital, chances are there will be one treatment record ($48,) plus charges from multiple attendant billing sources such as a facility bill ($48,) a surgical bill ($48,) an anesthesiology bill ($48,) a laboratory bill ($48,) and a radiology bill ($48). The total cost in this instance would be $288 (6 x $48.)

Claimzen's medical records retrieval service is optional. If you have a relationship with a local treatment provider and you can get medical records more quickly or for less money, go for it!  

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