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About Us

Prepare each case as if it's going to trial


We founded Claimzen with the singular mission to help you leverage your time by jumpstarting your cases and moving them forward by gathering all the client data and third-party documents you need to prepare your client's claims.


However, this approach only works if you have a system in place that can quickly and efficiently acquire the information you need.

Ideally, your system does not require hours of paralegal time, re-purposing request letters, or having your clients complete 30-page questionnaires by hand.


Leveling the playing field


For the last 20 years, insurance carriers have invested heavily in technology to automate their operations to maintain the upper hand.

Reducing the time you and your staff spend on the administrative tasks will increase your capacity, streamline your operations, and set your firm on a path to peak efficiency and profitability.

More importantly, it will make you more insightful and knowledgeable to your clients and more formidable against the carriers.


Chapin Henry


CEO & Co-founder

Claimzen, Inc.

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