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Leverage your time.
Settle more cases.

With Claimzen's virtual paralegal and demand letter generation service.

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Claimzen has revolutionized personal injury law by automating the insurance claim preparation process and offering it as an on-demand service.


For a flat (expensable) fee of $595, our system will acquire and store online all the information needed to prepare your claim. Then, with a button-press, generate a first-draft demand letter for you.

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Our system is so efficient it only takes twenty minutes to engage our service. Our service is so easy it requires no set-up, integration, or customization to use.

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Completes Intake Form

Aggregates Case Data

Sends Demand Letter

In the end, you still run the show, signing new clients, communicating with adjusters, and negotiating settlements; we do everything else.

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Save Time

We handle the paperwork...

Claimzen saves time because we tackle the paperwork and other time-consuming tasks that do not directly deal with the practice of law. Our Paralegal as a Service solution prepares your case from start to finish giving you and your staff more time to focus on retaining new clients and completing higher-value tasks.

Streamline Operations

Standardize your workflow...

Claimzen delivers efficiency with the stroke of a key. Each case we handle follows a standardized workflow that you can monitor online, in real-time, as we work through our data acquisition and document retrieval process.

Increase Capacity

Without increasing overhead...

Use Claimzen on an as-needed basis without the stress of hiring new staff or paying an hourly rate. With Claimzen, you have the equivalent of another staff member on your team at a fraction of the cost whenever you need it, and there is no cost to you when you don’t. Scale your practice up or down as your needs dictate.

Save Money

Expense our per case fee...

As a third-party vendor, all or a portion of our fee may be passed through to your client as an expense. If you perform the same administrative tasks in-house, you are subsidizing the costs of your cases and considerably impacting your firm's profitability.

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As your back-office partner, Claimzen will increase your capacity, streamline your operations, and set your firm on a path to peak efficiency and profitability!


Suited businessman

Claimzen helps me leverage my time because they start working on cases the day I commit them to the system and move them forward while I am working on other tasks.

Small Practice

Young Woman with Grey Sweater

Claimzen strengthens my position as a negotiator by streamlining my data acquisition process and allowing me to respond quickly and decisively on behalf of my clients.

Medium-size Firms


Claimzen has helped us grow our practice without growing our overhead by increasing our firm’s capacity to accept and manage more cases (better) with less staff.

Call or sign up today.
Registration and your first case are free!

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Our Service

$595 / PER CASE

Our expensable fee covers the cost of acquiring the client data and third-party documents listed on our Services page. The only exception is medical records; see note below.

Registration and your first case are FREE!

Medical Records

Claimzen is integrated with ChartSquad our medical records retrieval partner. When your client completes treatment, you have the option of ordering records yourself or pressing a button and ordering records through our site. 

Medical records ordered via our site cost $48 per record type and billing source, take approximately 3-4 weeks to acquire, and can be ordered from any treatment provider in the United States.

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